“I’ll be honest; I was disenchanted with relationship books and the mundane repetition of the same ideas they promote over and over again: do this, avoid that, as if life is a formula. When I sat down to read Glaen I expected about the same. After what felt like 10 minutes, I finished the book, set it down and thought to myself, “Wow! Everyone needs to read this book!” Glaen not only shatters the stereotype of “dating” book with its gripping story line, it abandons the idea of “what should I do?” and offers the alternative of “how should I think?” I learned more about relating to people in the few pages of Glaen than in all the other dating/relationship books I have ever read combined. This is a must read for all who seek to build successful relationships both now and in the future.”
Bryan Sims, Texas A&M

I finished the book…I got hooked and couldn’t put it down…I’m making my girls read it when they get home for springbreak—I think this is a MUST read! Brilliant!!!

Warren Culwell, CCC Staff (age 50+)

Wow! Thank you for you latest book Glaen! I read it and found it to be just like you, insightful, clever, and tied together with surprising twists. I found the “lies” countered with “truths” that you present within the narrative to bring clarity to the often confusing subject of relationships.

Your opening section on definitions I found helpful in thinking through a plan on addressing what does “discipleship” look like in our local church.

Great job Fred!
Grant Kaul
Senior Pastor/ Fellowship Bible Church (Waco, Tx)

I purchased two of your books this morning and am sending one back w/ my mother. I am really enjoying the novel, taking notes on the general relational principles I’m gleaning, and certainly wish I’d been handed a copy of this novel during my first year or two of college. Thank you for putting this information out there, for sharing these true principles with your audience. I wish everyone seeking a relationship — no matter what type of relationship — could implement these principles therein.

-Kristin McGuinness, Texas

Loving the first 54 pages of Glaen…I couldn’t put it down, I had to force myself to go to sleep.

-Verline S. F. (a mom)

Glaen is a clear, straight-forward book with deep, lasting insights about a universally puzzling subject…dating. If you begin it, you will see it through to the end; if not for its wisdom, for also its engaging story. If you care about having a relationship that lasts a lifetime, you will be greatly gratified by reading this story, or sorely deprived by missing out on it.

– Stephen F., Texas (18 years old)

This book was a creative glimpse into what freedom in relationships truly looks like and how to relate in authentic ways with those around you. For me, I found it refreshing and thought provoking because it really challenges the way many of us have looked at relationships before. Living out the kind of freedom in relationships discussed in the pages of this book has been life changing for me and has given me an ache for others to know these simple truths, too. I am so happy this book is finally out for everyone to read!

-Christine S., Middle East (27 years old)

What a fun book. Not only is it entertaining and a great read, but it is educational and insightful as well. It really helped me to take a better look at romance and dating. Glaen is has been a great tool to start discussions with my teenage daughters and help them to understand romance and dating in a healthier way. Thanks for getting it out there, it’s a fresh approach to an age old discussion.

– Christy Quiros, Texas (a mom)

Great book! I read an early manuscript and highly recommend this book. It integrates key principles in relationships with a story line that makes the book an easy read, but also lends for re-reading for quick review. I would have greatly benefited from reading it earlier in my life and will definitely re-read it again …soon.

I also enjoy that it does not preach cramming all relationships into the “right” model for success, but rather offers helpful insights into relationships as a whole. This means that the book is not simply a “dating” or “courtship” or “engagement/marriage” book, or even a guy/girl relationship book. I have found that these principles apply to all relationships, whether with friends, co-workers, family, or a (potential) spouse. This also means that it is valuable read for young and old people alike.

– Jason Custer, Dallas (23 years old)

Dr. Lybrand,
I loved the book Glaen. Though I have already read the book over a year ago reading it today reminded me of so many things. Many of these lessons I had forgotten and it was great to be reminded of them. Thank you so much for the book.

-Myranda Bradley, Texas (18 years old)

Just wanted to let you know I finished Glaen today. Great information in there–where was this book 25 years ago? Loved the novel-ish approach!

-Jim Thatcher , Texas (a dad)