Relationship Quiz: Is this the Right Person?

Relationship Quiz: Is this the Right Person?

By Fred Lybrand, author of Glaen


Mark your answers from 1 to 10, with 1 being “No Way” and 10 being “I Think So”

1. I can easily picture being with this person 10 years from now.

2. We agree on everything […]

Is a Great Conversation Really that Hard to Create?

In a Leadership Journal article, John Ortberg describes a powerful ‘experimental group’ of friends who have followed these rules (see: Higher Stakes Friendship). Here are the basic rules he mentions:

We can ask anything, no holds barred. if you answer, you must tell the truth, as much as you know it. if you don’t answer, […]

Enjoy Valentine’s Day—Avoid the Blues

Enjoy Valentine’s Day—Avoid the Blues

© Fred R Lybrand, Author of Glaen

Jeremy visited a florist’s shop which showed a large sign that read, “Say It With Flowers.” “Wrap up one rose, please,” Jeremy demanded of the florist’s assistant. “Only one?” she enquired frowning. “Ah yes just the one,” […]

Free Kindle eBook (for 5 days) on Romance, Love, and Relating

Many of you know my book Glaen: A Novel Message on Romance, Love, and Relating. As a special promotion, the EBOOK is available for FREE (TBA Soon). This special promotion gets you in line for the free Small Group Study that accompanies the book (get it at Of course, the hope is to get […]

Pastor Says Quit Facebook or Resign

Cedric Miller of Living Word Christian Fellowship laid down the law in an effort to help marriages thrive.

Here’s the USA Today article link:

When I first saw this I thought, “Jeepers creepers. What will we ban next?”

However, as I pondered a little more I began to appreciate exactly where Pastor Cedric Miller […]

Why you don’t have more friends, romance, and popularity…

Why you don’t have more friends, romance, and popularity (and what to do about it) …free audio I learned more about relating to people in the few pages of Glaen than in all the other dating/relationship books I have ever read combined. This is a must read for all who seek to build successful relationships […]

Free – Small Group Study Guide on Relationships (Glaen)


Ready to have an impact for good? We’ve done it for you. Download the study guide for the Glaen book…follow the directions…see lives change. It’s free.

Warning: This is a ‘Socratic’ or discussion group…which changes lives. The nature of asking questions is the most powerful approach known to history; Jesus Himself was a master […]

No More Manipulation: The Key to Authentic Relationships

How do you find the right person for a romantic relationship? […]

Springer’s Baggage: “Dysfunction is not a Competition”

I’ve got to admit, it is actually pretty interesting to see contestants work on a decision to go on a first date as they learn a few secret flaws in one another. I confess I haven’t been much of a fan of Springer in the past, and I don’t know that Baggage will win me over. I’ve always thought we should have a bumper sticker based on Springer’s other show. The sticker would simply say, “Dysfunction is not a Competition.” […]

The 7 Fatal Mistakes of Dating (#7)

This is part of 7 blogs through which I want to introduce you to the fatal mistakes in dating that GLAEN introduces to the reader. […]