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If you’ve been touched by the message of this book and want to help make it available to others, we invite you to participate in Annie’s Mission!

A team of us who have read and been touched by Glaen are convinced this book deserves a reading across the broadest reaches of our culture. Not only is this a facinating and face-paced story, but it has a literary quality that distinguishes it as a special gift. It offers one of the most neglected possibilities in relationships—that telling the truth, and being true to oneself, makes for a real connection between real people. It will not only encourage those who already have found the power of the truth, but also engage those who have not yet recognized why their relationships keep struggling.

Film producers probably will never make a movie about the dangers of Hollywood’s romantic idea of love, but that doesn’t stop the message. Word of mouth is still the most effective tool for a book like this to gain traction in the wider culture.  Christians in particular need this message of valuing others will still telling the truth.

  • If you are as taken with the message of this book as we are, you may already have some unique ideas as to how you can best let others know about it. Here are some ideas to help you about ways to let others know about this remarkable book.
  • Give the book to friends, even strangers, as a gift. They not only get a compelling page-turning thrill ride, but also an magnificent glimpse into the nature of God that is not often presented in our culture.
  • If you have a website or blog, consider sharing a bit about the book and how it touched your life. Don’t give away the plot, but recommend that they read it as well and link to
  • Write a book review for your local paper, favorite magazine or website you frequent. Ask your favorite radio show or podcast to have the author on as a guest. Media people often give more consideration to the requests of their listeners than the press releases of publicists.
  • If you own a shop or business, consider putting a display of these books on your counter to resell to customers. We can make books available for resale in quantities as low as 10 at wholesale rates, so that you make some money as well as have an excellent discussion-starter on your counter.
  • If you know of people (authors, speakers, etc.) who have a voice to the wider culture, ask them if they would review a copy and make it some comment on it in their website, newsletters, etc.
  • Buy a set of books as gifts to youth and singles groups, divorce recovery groups, family ministries, the workplace, and the like where people might be really encouraged and challenged by the story and its message.
  • Talk about the book on email lists you’re on, forums you frequent and other places you engage other people on the Internet. Don’t make it an advertisement, but share how this book impacted your life and offer people the link to the Glaen website.
  • Start a Glaen-Group Study (6 weeks).  The the ‘how to’ and the lessons themselves are all free.  Just click the following to get it:

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For up-to-date information and ideas on how you can help, please check back with Annie’s Mission at this website. Also, bulk discounts on books are available from The Barnabas Agency.